Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Tribello?

    Tribello is makers-centric platform and marketplace designed to assist independent businesses to sell more, grow and be seen by a larger audience. It is also a destination for people to find the best makers around the globe and purchase their creations.

  • Do you only accept handmade?

    Short answer, No.

    We have a preference towards handmade goods. However, we understand that not every item or every part of a design can be 100% handmade.

    Our definition of a "Maker" is someone who has been brave enough to go out there, pursue an idea and turn it into a reality. We preference quality design, professional presentation of products and unique ideas.

  • Why should I apply?

    A survey has shown 39% of businesses that sell on an existing marketplace are looking for other marketplaces to sell their products. Why? Because they know that the more eyes on their store the more chance they have of growing their business.

  • What are the benefits?

    As a Maker you have no doubt experienced the frustration of being lost amongst millions of items on other marketplaces. We are not about volume, we are about quality and we are setting out to only showcase and display makers that understand the importance of quality across everything they do.

  • What do you look for?

    When assessing whether we will list a Maker. A track record in sales is a great place to start, we prefer established makers - however we are always looking for the best of the up and coming makers. When we look closer into a maker, we take into consideration the level of product photography, the consistency across your products and photos, branding which is modern and has current appeal.

  • Do you accept everyone who applies?

    No, we aim to create a marketplace that is full of a certain quality and type, not quantity of makers. A list of things that go into deciding whether a Maker is appropriate for our platform.

    1. Modern Branding
    2. Excellent product photography
    3. Average product price
    4. A history in sales.
    5. Social media presence
    6. Quality and originality in designs and ideas behind their product.

    These are the 6 major aspects we consider.

  • How are you different?

    We are concerned with quality over quantity, we are also concerned with ensuring we actually help you sell.

    We believe ecommerce today is so competitive that just merely giving you the facility to list your products won't be enough.

    So, we will bring you opportunities that will assist you to sell more. Like our Price Drop Sales.

  • What is a Price Drop Sale?

    A Price Drop Sale is a marketing tool which should be used to encourage social sharing amongst your fans.

    It’s simple, the more you sell the price drops for everyone. You reward those who buy and share. A win/win situation for you and your clients.

  • What happens to my commission rate after 12 months?

    After 12 months your commission will go up to 5%, however there will be no listing fees. We are also working through some alternative options to make this even more favourable.

  • What shipping options do you provide makers?

    Given we are in start up phase, we have opted to keep it simple. It is flat rate shipping either nationally or internationally. Going forward we will seek to provide more options.

  • How do I get paid?

    We currently only offer two payment options either Stripe or Paypal. Both require you to have a verified account to sell on our platform.

  • When do I get paid from a sale?

    Immediately upon transaction. We are not an escrow service and do not sit in the middle of a transaction that you have with your clients. We merely give you the ability to list. Any purchaser will be dealing with you directly and you commissions are paid immediately into your Stripe or Paypal account once a sale goes through.

  • You've listed my Market. Can I have control of the listing?

    Yes, you may. You must e-mail us from a company or verifiable e-mail address with proof that you are in control of the market. We will then create an account and give you access to update the listing.

  • Can I list my market?

    Yes, currently we will only accept markets in America. So if you are an American based market, we will list your event. If not please apply anyway as we will be releasing the rest of the world shortly

  • How long does it take to hear back after applying?

    We will get back to you ASAP generally allow 24 to 48 hours.

  • Why can't I navigate the homepage?

    Until we open for sales the homepage and most movement around the site will be restricted.